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AllAboutMe for Facebook engages consumers to customize their payment cards online then share their designs virally.

It represents a powerful marketing solution that not only enables banks to achieve differentiation and brand loyalty, but also increases the success rate of customer acquisition campaigns, reduces attrition rates and promotes an improved understanding of cardholders’ lifestyles and preferences.

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Client Testimonial:

"We couldn't be more pleased with this innovative new project. The launch exceeded our expectations with over 180,000 cards issued in two months, with a strong take-up from the youth segment, early adopters and the internet savvy."

Mark Buitenhek, Senior Vice President Payment, ING Retail in European Card Review.

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Case Study:

BBVA Compass Bank makes $45 incremental yearly revenue per card from personalization based on additional usage and interchange revenue.

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Key Fact:
America First's debit portfolio has seen transaction frequency increase by 84% since the launch of Serverside's Card Customization solution, AllAboutMe.